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[VB.NET] Simple FIle Compare

Hello all mates,

This is a small example application i created in VB.NET, to compare between 2 file and show different byte(s) and also its offset. Then result will be exported to Visual Basic Module format.

Link download (source code included:


Hope this code will be useful for you.
p/s: you may need to use SharpDevelop to browse the code


Unpack .NETZ Packer using OllyDbg and Make an unpacker

Hello all mates,
I made this small tutorial to show you how to unpack an executable file packed by .NETZ Packer. The method is simple and basic because NETZ is not a hardcore packer/protector, but it may make people confused a bit when starting with .NET Reversing.
The target included in the archive, which is packed by .NETZ 0.48.
Download here(swf tutorial + Target):

More information about .NETZ (it’s free, and open source code):
.NETZ Packer HomePage

I created a small application which help you to unpack .NETZ Packer (Default Compression) as a demo program in vb.net.
You can download here(binary + resource code in vb.net):
Usage: nu to unpack.
Enjoys and best regards

Portable Visual Basic.NET 2005 Express (83MB)

Here is the new package which I found on the internet, for who interested in dotNET Programming and Portable Application. Very lightweight and easy to use, but lacks some features and can’t be compared with full installation. So it only suitable for making demonstration apps or practicing coding, not for serious business jobs. if you want a tiny IDE with full features included, i advice you to use SharpDevelop – an open source IDE for .NET which supports most of .NET languages, and it can be found here : http://www.icsharpcode.net/opensource/sd/ , would be a better choice. Require dotNET Framework 2.0 and tested on win 7, it doesn’t run well (notice this)

Link download (83MB 7-zip archive):


Notice: It has a folder named “Templates”(with 2 sub-folders are “ProjectTemplates” and “ItemTemplates”) which contain templates to create application, so to use these templates, in VB.net main Window, go to Menu Tools -> Option -> in the Left Panel choose “Projects and Solutions” then specify the folder path in 2 fields: VBINS

Press “OK” button and enjoy 🙂 Regard, Levis