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Linux Patching Helper – Source Code download

Hello all mates,

This is my small tool coded in Free Pascal/Lazarus for Linux Platform, that i’ve made a demonstration video before, you can view it here. I planned to make it public long time ago, but due to some issues in code makes it become non-stable. Nothing special, just some dummy lines of code, and now i fixed (a bit) about memory consumption when displaying the result in memobox. Changed from TMemo to TSynMemo and added a timer to avoid the delay. Take a look at this screenshot:

Click on the picture  to view full image

I captured that picture on my Arch KDE desktop, and the project was built using Qt (Created by Lazarus-qt version0. In order to make it working properly, we MUST HAVE binutils installed (which contains objdump – the most important tool)

The source code is a archive of whole my Lazarus Project. Just download the archive, extract and open project in Lazarus, and then compile it. It’s ready to use :). And if you don’t know how to use, just watch my demonstration video (link above).

Link download:


Update: Source code now available at github you can grab the source with bash commands;

 cd ~/
git clone git://github.com/levisre/linux_patching_helper.git

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Pr0c3ss Keygenme6 Keygen( another C# target, and the solution still VB.net)

Here is a new keygenme from Pr0c3ss, which is an easy one, and very excitin 🙂
I solved it and now i post my solution here, you can download it right now.
This keygen i coded in Vb.net 2005 portable :)( you can find this package in my blog too).

Download link(keygenme + keygen + keygen src):

Enjoys and best regards,

Use Region Data to make Non-Rectangular Dialog in Delphi API [Only Source code]

Hello All mates,

I created this noob example today, to show you the way to use RGN data and bitmap to make Non-Rectangular Dialog in Delphi API.
Not enough time to make a full tutorial about it, so just download source code and see and forgive me about any inconveniences.

Link download: (Full source code + Sample Binary):


Enjoy programming and best regards,