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[Linux Reversing] Linux Patching helper demostration video

Hello all mates,

I’m currently working on a small project named Linux Patching Helper , created in Pascal/Lazarus using qt, which aims to apply the method i used to crack some sommercial Linux applications (you cand find my RAR patching tutorial here). This tool is based on objdump, and it will dump data + code and then start tracing the code. Still on development and here is a demostration video to show how it works.

The target in this video is a download manager for Linux (comparible to IDM in windows) named FlareGet, but only for testing purposes, therefore cracked version will not be released:

Hope that i can release it soon, because there are some issues with memory management, the tool takes high memory consumption while executing, and i’m trying to fix. But don’t expect too much, because it’s only my hobby, only for fun 🙂





For Rebirth: RAR Patching tutorial for Linux 32 bit

Hello all mates,
Sorry, i was inactive for a long time, due to many issues in real life forced me to stop my favorite works. But now i’m back, and here is my lastest tutorial. Thank for visiting me again. Love you guy so much. I switched to use Linux, and started research about Reverse Engineering in this operating system. Very interesting and i got some useful experiences, so i would like to share my knowledge with people. In this tutorial, i will show you the way to patch a commercial applicaton: rar (a.k.a WinRAR). RAR is the name of winRAR, under Linux system but i prefer to call it as WinRAR :). We will do Reverse Engineering, and also modify some byte to make it work without license. But, please remember, this tutorial ONLY for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, so read it with your own risk. I will not take any responsibility if anybody use knowledge in my tutorial for other purposes.
Name: RAR
Platform: Linux
Language: English (sorry about my bad English :D)
Type: PDF
Size: 1.5 MB
Link Download:

Enjoy and best regards,

P/s: I received many replies about dead links (not working links) and data lost of my blog). This is terrible, cause people hard to reach my data. Thank you all to report to me, and i will fix it as soon as possbile.

Silence’s Collected Patching Tutorials

Hello all mates,
Today i would like to introduce to you – my dear visitors – a great package of patching tutorial created by my Teammate, Silence.
Just look at this picture:
silence patching tour
All tutorial are included in that package. He made the big goal, this release is really great! 😀
Download links fixed (Thanks for JJHACKER):

Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u48g2nnp878yukd/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part1.rar

Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m8ix93k8etsqye5/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part2.rar

Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iwuq447n6wikxvi/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part3.rar

Enjoys and best regards

[Crackme] Patchme#2 – A bit harder one

This is my old patchme (yet another one) with level is a bit harder than the patchme#1 ( i posted before). Hopy you will enjoy it!
Name: Patchme#2
Language: Borland Delphi
Packer: N/A
-Removed nag when program start
-Active the scrolling text
-Keep the form’s size (don’t patch it to large form :B-))
-Change form’s color from Yellow to Red
-Make chiptune played
The un-patched form:
and the patched form:
Hint: Just need to patch one byte to make it become fully functional. Let’s find it out 😀
Link download:
If you finished it, feel free to post solution here, will be highly appreciated.
Enjoys and best regards,

[Crackme] Patchme#1 – Easy one

Hello all mates,
When i was browsing my old data, i found this one, which is an easy patchme i created long times ago.
Name : Patchme#1
Language: Borland Delphi
Packer : N/A
Playing Rulez:
Try to patch the application likes this:
Before patched:
As you can see, the form color is purple, now you mission is patch it to black color, and then click the button, the messagebox should be likes this:
The form color changed to black, and you will success 🙂
Link download here:
Enjoys and best regards,
P/S: One more patchme will come soon 🙂