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DeDe (Delphi Decompiler) Download

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Analyze executables compiled with Delphi Builder, Kylix and Kol
Written by Alexandru Pintilie on June 27th, 2012

Decompiling executable files, no matter the programming language they have been compiled in, is a tedious job. DeDe (Delphi Decompiler) brags on performing this particular task fast and neat. As no software can retrieve the source code 100% in both consistency and accuracy, any program that can get closer to that perfect score is, indeed, useful.

While it can be used for some illegal activities implying decompilation of projects you don’t actually own and use of them to generate income, DeDe is really meant for the recovery of your lost source code, correction of errors, malicious code checking or the application migration to newer platforms.

Code decompilation is based on reversed engineering that cannot create an automated perfect copy of the source because of the conversion operations that take place during the compilation process. Most of the variable names used in the program are turned into addresses. What DeDe does is providing you with the DFM files (containing the details of the objects included in a form) that you can open and edit with Delphi.

It also brings the published methods to the workbench alongside ASM (assembly language) code that features comments and references to classes methods calls, imported function calls, components in the unit or strings. DeDe allows you to generate a Delphi project folder that comprises the retrieved DFM, PAS and DPR files.

The simple interface of the application incorporates a various set of tools dedicated to help you get the most of your Delphi PE executable. You can easily build DSF (DynamicSkinForm) files from your DCU (Delphi Compiled Unit) as well as your BPL (Borland Package Library). DeDe also offers a PE Editor, DOI Builder (Delphi Offset Info) or a RVA Converter (Relative Virtual Address).

Being on of the top picks in its Softpedia category, DeDe has gained its popularity amongst programmers by delivering great results every time it has been called upon. W32DASM may be the leader and the first choice of many; however, DeDe’s features and speed of execution just cannot be ignored when looking for a piece of software to analyze and decompile your Delphi executables.

Here are some key features of “DeDe”:

· View the PE Header of all PE Files and change/edit the sections flags.
· Use the opcode-to-asm tool for translating intel opcode to assembler
· Use RVA-to-PhysOffset tool for fast converting physical and RVA addresses
Use the DCU Dumper (view dcu2int.txt for more details) to retrieve near to:
· pascal code of your DCU files.
· Use BPL(DPL) Dumper to see BPL exports and create symbol files to use with DeDe disassembler
· Disassemble a target EXE directly from memory in case of a packed exe

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