Page info and Author

Some little and basic information about me:
Name: Levis Nickaster

Working at : Reverse Engineering Passion Team (Team REPT)

Our Official Website :

Have a question to me? Just ask:

Contact me: You can send email to me: or add Skype: levintaeyeon. I’m very happy to talk with you guys.

I’m new at Reverse Engineering, but I’m trying harder every day, to become a good reverser. I always want to share my little knowledge to everyone.

I just graduated Banking and Financial, this subject is not related to IT. However, Programming/coding and Reverse Code Engineering are my hobbies. In some cases , i feel that i’m better to live with code and keyboard, much easier than sit down on the office and counting money, do boring jobs 😀

I opened this blog at Jun 6 2012, the first time is a place to store my knowledge, what i learned and what i saw. Right now i think it has became bigger, not a storing box anymore, it’s a small home where i can welcome friends all over the world, connect with them and sharing.
And please note that all thing I post in this blog only for educational purposes, not for other meanings. And I will not work for commercial, or business, anything. Just come to Reversing, learning and sharing like with a lover. 🙂

Feel free to read, download and discuss anything related to Reverse Code Engineering as you want.

September 9 2014

I decided to embed links to some of external links. i know these advertisements are ugly and they’re bothering users. I love my visitor, but sorry, i just want to earn some money (just a little bit) to help my works. Everything for you, still free with no malwares, just annoying a bit if you wanna click on some links to download the content which i shared. And all the posts i’ve posted are still free without any profit, you can read them anywhere. Hope you will understand and forgive me for all inconveniences. Just make it as you’re donating for me, so i can keep up my works. Thanks a lot.
Thanks for visiting and best regards.
Levis/Team REPT


21 thoughts on “Page info and Author

  1. Thanks dear jagged. You’re working hard to, everybody in REPT to. 🙂
    We’re a family, and our responsibility is make our home more beautiful every day 😀


    1. Oh, i’m sorry about it 🙂
      Just make this blog for little sharing, i don’t have manything to share. Just like a summary table for my job 😀
      Enjoy and thanks for visiting me
      Best regards


  2. Hello Levis
    first i want thanks from your works & nice blog!
    i register in REPT forum and wait for active
    plz active my username
    thanks in advance


  3. anh levis ơi,
    em là keosoft90 trên Cin1team
    Em có chút việc mún hỏi anh.
    làm sao để liên hệ với anh ạ ?
    😀 hì hì chào anh ạ.


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