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Detect It Easy (DiE) reached version 0.79 with Linux and MacOS Supports

Hello all mates,

Detect it Easy (aka DiE) is a packer indentifier like PEiD or exeinfoPE. Good sign is, now it supports Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Here is the picture captured from my running Linux:

DiE in Linux

Working smoothly and many more features are waiting for you to discover.
Sorry I’m testing it so i can not write a review article now, hope that i can write soon :).

For more Information and downlaod link, please go here:

Goto DiE’s Official Website

Enjoy and Best Regards,


Unpack .NETZ Packer using OllyDbg and Make an unpacker

Hello all mates,
I made this small tutorial to show you how to unpack an executable file packed by .NETZ Packer. The method is simple and basic because NETZ is not a hardcore packer/protector, but it may make people confused a bit when starting with .NET Reversing.
The target included in the archive, which is packed by .NETZ 0.48.
Download here(swf tutorial + Target):

More information about .NETZ (it’s free, and open source code):
.NETZ Packer HomePage

I created a small application which help you to unpack .NETZ Packer (Default Compression) as a demo program in vb.net.
You can download here(binary + resource code in vb.net):
Usage: nu to unpack.
Enjoys and best regards