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Radare – A Modern Reverse Engineering Framework

Radare is name of a Reverse Engineering Framework with full-featured tools, libraries which aims to create a completely reverse engineering environment for Reversers at any platform. I saw many members of MMD research group was using stuffs in this framework. and they’re really powerful. I think that in future, radare will be the most commonly used toolkit in Reverse Engineering.

Homepage: http://www.radare.org/

Multi-architecture and multi-platform
GNU/Linux, Android, *BSD, OSX, iPhoneOS, Windows{32,64} and Solaris
i8080, 8051, x86{16,32,64}, avr, arc{4,compact}, arm{thumb,neon,aarch64}, c55x+, dalvik, ebc, gb, java, sparc, mips, nios2, powerpc, whitespace, brainfuck, malbolge, z80, psosvm, m68k, msil, sh, snes, gb, dcpu16, csr, arc
pe{32,64}, te, [fat]mach0{32,64}, elf{32,64}, bios/uefi, dex and java classes
Highly scriptable
Vala, Go, Python, Guile, Ruby, Perl, Lua, Java, JavaScript, sh, ..
batch mode and native plugins with full internal API access
native scripting based in mnemonic commands and macros
Hexadecimal editor
64bit offset support with virtual addressing and section maps
Assemble and disassemble from/to many architectures
colorizes opcodes, bytes and debug register changes
print data in various formats (int, float, disasm, timestamp, ..)
search multiple patterns or keywords with binary mask support
checksumming and data analysis of byte blocks
IO is wrapped
support Files, disks, processes and streams
virtual addressing with sections and multiple file mapping
handles gdb:// and rap:// remote protocols

Filesystems support

allows to mount ext2, vfat, ntfs, and many others
support partition types (gpt, msdos, ..)
Debugger support
gdb remote and brainfuck debugger support
software and hardware breakpoints
tracing and logging facilities
Diffing between two functions or binaries
graphviz friendly code analysis graphs
colorize nodes and edges
Code analysis at opcode, basicblock, function levels
embedded simple virtual machine to emulate code
keep track of code and data references
function calls and syscall decompilation
function description, comments and library signatures
And more…

Binaries (compiled package) download link:
Binary packages for various platform download page (No ads)
Source code:
Source Code download section (No ads)
Documentation from official website(No ads)
Screenshot radare2 (r2 disassembler) running on Linux:


Linux Patching Helper – Source Code download

Hello all mates,

This is my small tool coded in Free Pascal/Lazarus for Linux Platform, that i’ve made a demonstration video before, you can view it here. I planned to make it public long time ago, but due to some issues in code makes it become non-stable. Nothing special, just some dummy lines of code, and now i fixed (a bit) about memory consumption when displaying the result in memobox. Changed from TMemo to TSynMemo and added a timer to avoid the delay. Take a look at this screenshot:

Click on the picture  to view full image

I captured that picture on my Arch KDE desktop, and the project was built using Qt (Created by Lazarus-qt version0. In order to make it working properly, we MUST HAVE binutils installed (which contains objdump – the most important tool)

The source code is a archive of whole my Lazarus Project. Just download the archive, extract and open project in Lazarus, and then compile it. It’s ready to use :). And if you don’t know how to use, just watch my demonstration video (link above).

Link download:


Update: Source code now available at github you can grab the source with bash commands;

 cd ~/
git clone git://github.com/levisre/linux_patching_helper.git

Enjoy and best regards,


A cheap, (and) simple keygen for a memorable time

Hello all mates,

Just walking around the internet, and i found this site:


which has a small utility named “Windriver Ghost”. That makes me remember the first day when i came into the Reverse Engineering World. I did a keygen for it when i was a young boyt (13,14 years old). Haha, it’s very joyful and i’m so happy that time. It was my first keygen, coded in vb.net.

And now, many years passed, today i analyzed it again and see no change in this software. Still the same algorithm and i decided to make a keygen for it (again), for fun :).

There are no explain words on analyzing and coding, just post the raw code here (in C#), for who interested. This is keygen for Enterprise Version or Windriver Ghost:

 * Created by SharpDevelop.
 * User: Levis
 * Date: 21/03/2014
 * Time: 9:56 PM
 * For further information or any question, contact me: levintaeyeon@live.com or Skype: levintaeyeon
 * My personal Blog: http://www.ltops9.wordpress.com
 ^ Team REPT Official Website: http://www.team-rept.com
using System;

namespace windrvghost_kg
	class Program
		public static void Main(string[] args)
			Console.Write("Win Driver Ghost 3.02 Enterprise Edition Keygen\n Created by Levis\n Please input you name: ");
			string name = Console.ReadLine();
			string output,serial=null;
			if(name.Length ==0)
				output = "Your name is not valid! Chosse another!";
				Gen_key(name,ref serial);
				output = "Your serial is: " + serial;
		public static void Gen_key(string name, ref string serial)
			serial = "WDW21" + (name.Length + 2222).ToString() + "-";
			for(int i=0;i<name.Length;i++)
				serial += String.Format("{0:X}",Convert.ToByte(name[i]));

[.NET] Create offset Patcher in C#

Hello all mates,

This is source code of a offset patcher i created in C# to show you the way to apply the patch, and save patched file to disk. Just grab and read the code (i commented on every line of code). Hope it will be useful for you

Link download (offset patcher + source code + target (a small crackme created by me)):


Looking for another code? See this:

Source code for an offset patcher in Delphi

Enjoy and best regards,


[.NET] Create a NFO Viewer in C#

Just a small piece in programming world :). I feel that it’s very exciting.

The tutorial written by DarkTyranno. will show you the way to create a nfo viewer with many effects (region-window, scrolling text, music, etc…).
This tutorial i grabbed at CodeProject, so you can see it by this link:



Enjoy and best regards,


Unpack .NETZ Packer using OllyDbg and Make an unpacker

Hello all mates,
I made this small tutorial to show you how to unpack an executable file packed by .NETZ Packer. The method is simple and basic because NETZ is not a hardcore packer/protector, but it may make people confused a bit when starting with .NET Reversing.
The target included in the archive, which is packed by .NETZ 0.48.
Download here(swf tutorial + Target):

More information about .NETZ (it’s free, and open source code):
.NETZ Packer HomePage

I created a small application which help you to unpack .NETZ Packer (Default Compression) as a demo program in vb.net.
You can download here(binary + resource code in vb.net):
Usage: nu to unpack.
Enjoys and best regards