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A cheap, (and) simple keygen for a memorable time

Hello all mates,

Just walking around the internet, and i found this site:


which has a small utility named “Windriver Ghost”. That makes me remember the first day when i came into the Reverse Engineering World. I did a keygen for it when i was a young boyt (13,14 years old). Haha, it’s very joyful and i’m so happy that time. It was my first keygen, coded in vb.net.

And now, many years passed, today i analyzed it again and see no change in this software. Still the same algorithm and i decided to make a keygen for it (again), for fun :).

There are no explain words on analyzing and coding, just post the raw code here (in C#), for who interested. This is keygen for Enterprise Version or Windriver Ghost:

 * Created by SharpDevelop.
 * User: Levis
 * Date: 21/03/2014
 * Time: 9:56 PM
 * For further information or any question, contact me: levintaeyeon@live.com or Skype: levintaeyeon
 * My personal Blog: http://www.ltops9.wordpress.com
 ^ Team REPT Official Website: http://www.team-rept.com
using System;

namespace windrvghost_kg
	class Program
		public static void Main(string[] args)
			Console.Write("Win Driver Ghost 3.02 Enterprise Edition Keygen\n Created by Levis\n Please input you name: ");
			string name = Console.ReadLine();
			string output,serial=null;
			if(name.Length ==0)
				output = "Your name is not valid! Chosse another!";
				Gen_key(name,ref serial);
				output = "Your serial is: " + serial;
		public static void Gen_key(string name, ref string serial)
			serial = "WDW21" + (name.Length + 2222).ToString() + "-";
			for(int i=0;i<name.Length;i++)
				serial += String.Format("{0:X}",Convert.ToByte(name[i]));


[.NET] Tutorial Keygenning XP Repair Pro

Hello all mates,
This is my tutorial about keygenning for one commercial application – XP Repair pro
The method to keygen is not hard, so just feel free to watch it. I tried my best to make it become more easier to understand (for both starters and advanced people)
and please remember: this tutorial is ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES

Link download tutorial (swf format):

[.NET] Tutorial Keygenning Pr0c3ss’s Keygenme#5

Hello all mates,
This is my new tutorial about .NET Keygenning. Hope you will like it.
Target: Pr0c3ss’s Keygenme#5
Level: 1-2 out of 10
Packer/Protector: N/A
Algorithm: MD5 + Custom
Method: Keygenning

Here’s download link( tutorial in swf + target):
or you can watch this tutorial online by clicking the link below:
Enjoys and best regards,

[.NET] Tutorial Keygenning LordCoder’s Keygenme

Hello all mates,
Now we’re in 2013:). I would like to say happy new year to you, and your family.
This is a small tutorial to show you how to keygen a .NET Target coded in vb.net, as a gift for this new year.
Target: LordCoder’s Keygenme
Language: VB.NET
Protector: .NET Reactor
Algo: Rijndael, MD5, Base64 + Custom
Method: Keygenning
Level : Easy/normal
All credits goes to LordCoder = Author of this nice challenge.
Link download (video tutorial in swf + Target):

Or you can watch it Online here:

happy new year 2013
Enjoys and Happy new year!!!

[Keygenme] Levis’s SImple Keygenme05

Hello all mates,
This keygen i created today, just for fun, and for who want to test their reversing skills. It’s an easy one ( as i said in the title, very simple :D), so feel free to defeat it.

Name :Levis’s Simple Keygenme05
Language: Borland Delphi
Packer : N/A
Level : Tell me?
PlAyInG rUlEz: Only keygen accepted, serial fishing is okay, but will not be valid solution. and, of course , no patching at all 🙂
Demo picture:
Download (thanks to Master Mind):

All bug reports are welcome
Enjoy and best regards,

Keygen for NB_RCE Keygenme#2 (source code included)

Hello all mates,

This is my keygen for NB_RCE’s Keygenme#2. Too lazy to make a tutorial about it, just look into my code(Delphi) included in the archive, you will understand the algorithm.
Name : NB_RCE Keygenme#2
Language : Borland Delphi
Packer: N/A
Protection: MD5(modified init vectors) + Custom algorithm
Solution: Keygen (Delphi source included).
Made by : Levis/REPT
This keygenme has a very interesting algorithm(in my opinion). And you need to trace carefully, to make a valid keygen for it. However, it’s easy enough for you to give it a try.
Thank NB_RCE for sharing this keygenme.
Link download (Keygen + Keygenme + Keygen source code):
Enjoy and best regards,

[Keygenme] Levis’s Simple Keygenme 04

Hello all mates,

Sorry because have been away for a long time, now i bring to you – my friends – a new keygenme, to warm up our spirit 🙂

Name: Levis’s Simple Keygenme 04
Language: Delphi
Packer : N/A
Level : Maybe 2 or 3 ( i don’t know, base on your choice, i think that it’s very simple :Smile:)

Require: A valid serial is accepted, but would be better if you can keygen it 😀

All bug reports are welcome ( Well, I’m not believe in my coding skill, now it’s very bad 😦 )
Demo picture:

Link download:
Enjoy and best regards,