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[.NET] Create offset Patcher in C#

Hello all mates,

This is source code of a offset patcher i created in C# to show you the way to apply the patch, and save patched file to disk. Just grab and read the code (i commented on every line of code). Hope it will be useful for you

Link download (offset patcher + source code + target (a small crackme created by me)):


Looking for another code? See this:

Source code for an offset patcher in Delphi

Enjoy and best regards,



Source code for a offset Patcher in Delphi

Hello all mates,
After the summer holiday, now i’m back to work :).
Here is an old source code which i created before, to make offset patcher in Delphi. It’s quite old, but i think it’s useful for some people. Only Source code here, no tutorial yet. Just download and see:

Link download:
Download link Mediafire

Enjoy and best regard 😀


MiniPatcherGenerator by Whoknows

This great tool was created by my Friend, whoknows.

Days with power systems and tons of terrabytes is here, many groups release patches that is under 300kb, or dup generates a simple patch for 40kb even the old ColdFusion (1999) generates a 190bytes patch for 17.7kb. The aim of MiniPatcher is to generate small patches, as for example for 190bytes a console-patch is 10.5k and from the other side a winform-patch is 13kb

dn 375kb @:

franework v3.5 required for generator and the exported patches.

libs used:
-Levis REPT comparer
-Confuser with mono

Yes, it realy cool one 😀