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Debugging .NET Application with DnSpy

This small video is small video to test the debugging feature of dnSpy (which is created by 0xd4d as a modification + improvement of free open-source .NET Decompiler ILSpy). More information of dnSpy can be found here:

The debugger is source-level debugger, means that you can directly debug decompiled code, not assembly-level, and it’s really cool feature

Only a small video, nothing special, feel free to watch it:


Personally i think it’s the best .NET Decompiler at the moment. So come and discover it power.





de4dotShell – Integrate de4dot to Context Menu

Just a basic application, nothing special here

The idea is simple. This small tool adds an entry named “de4dotShell” to context menus of .exe and dll files. From there you can interact with de4dot easily. It also has textboxes to input specific parameters to control de4dot’s works as you want.

To use it, first copy the de4dotShell.exe to de4dot’s root folder (which contains de4dot.exe), and then run de4dotShell.exe, check the box “Register Shell Extension” and voila!

Thanks for Yashar Mahmoudnia for his great idea about de4dotUI. Let make this de4dotShell as a modification of de4dotUI, so nothing special, feel free to use it and all credits go to Yashar Mahmoudnia.

Any bug reports are welcome


Requires .NET 2.0 and a working de4dot




Enjoy and best Regards