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Silence’s Collected Serial-Fishing tutorials

Hello all mates,
This is another package of my friends – also a REPT’s member – Silence.
There are many serial- fishing tutorial in this package.
See this pic:
Silence serialfishing
And here is the link to download all the package (3 parts with total size is 526.3MB)


Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/63m14mp5snsy5rz/Collected.Patching_Tutorials.part1.rar

Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/opxyq5fn3lasi1f/Collected.Patching_Tutorials.part2.rar

Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1deup9u0jp73190/Collected.Patching_Tutorials.part3.rar


And if you prefer, let’s visit us at : http://team-rept.com


Silence’s Collected Patching Tutorials

Hello all mates,
Today i would like to introduce to you – my dear visitors – a great package of patching tutorial created by my Teammate, Silence.
Just look at this picture:
silence patching tour
All tutorial are included in that package. He made the big goal, this release is really great! 😀
Download links fixed (Thanks for JJHACKER):

Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u48g2nnp878yukd/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part1.rar

Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m8ix93k8etsqye5/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part2.rar

Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iwuq447n6wikxvi/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part3.rar

Enjoys and best regards

[.NET] Tutorial Keygenning XP Repair Pro

Hello all mates,
This is my tutorial about keygenning for one commercial application – XP Repair pro
The method to keygen is not hard, so just feel free to watch it. I tried my best to make it become more easier to understand (for both starters and advanced people)
and please remember: this tutorial is ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES

Link download tutorial (swf format):

[ASM] Silences Programming Tour with MASM32

Here’s what my friend, Silence – another member of REPT, did as a gift for this christmas :). A Nice collection about Programming with Assembly.
Silence is back with a new tutorial tour! This time with a
brand new tutorial-serie of 11 parts(!) about programming
in windows x32.
In this serie I will learn you how to code in masm32.
Everything is very well explained, each line, each word &
each API.

This tour is called “General Edition” simply because I will
learn you general masm32 programming. In example I will
learn you how to code a simple messagebox up to a
mp3 music player

Note: This tour doesn’t contain any illegal content

Title: Silences Programmings Tour – MASM32 (General Edition)
Total Duration: 267,68 minutes
Format: swf
Content: (including source)

1. Introduction, Setup & Skeleton of Exe (18:04)
2. Our first MessageBox (12:49)
3. Our first DialogBox (18:57)
4. DialogBox in Detail (27:56)
5. Default toolbar controls part 1 (RichEdit, Trackbar,
Radiobutton & Checkbox) (27:27)
6. Default toolbar controls part 2 (Progressbar & Tabs) (25:00)
7. Default toolbar controls part 3 (Listbox) (19:15)
8. Default DialogBoxes (Color, Font, Open, Save, Print,
Page-Setup, Find-Text, Find-Replace) (38:00)
9. Simple file management (29:27)
10. Showing Bitmap image & Playing mp3 files (25:30)
11. Windows Registry + Final words (27:03)

Link download (Direct link – REPT’s ZONE):
Mirror link (tuts4you):
and the Password to extract is: HAPPYxMAS
Merry christmas (again) and Happy new Year!!!

Best regards,

[.NET] Create a NFO Viewer in C#

Just a small piece in programming world :). I feel that it’s very exciting.

The tutorial written by DarkTyranno. will show you the way to create a nfo viewer with many effects (region-window, scrolling text, music, etc…).
This tutorial i grabbed at CodeProject, so you can see it by this link:



Enjoy and best regards,


BugDbg Pre-Alpha 3 has been out!

Updated today with some enhancements:

Pre-alpha 3 released

• added File – “Attach to process” option
• added Debug – “Detach debuggee” option
• added possibility to modify Register value from context menu
• added new commands “inject”, “detach”
• improvments, bug fixes

Update version 0.7.1 (Jan 14 2013)

version 0.7.1• added assemble command “a”
• added File – “Save patched executable as…” option
• added Configuration – Options – Misc page
• improvments, bug fixes

Link download:

Thanks to cyberbob for his hard works

Enjoy and best Regards,

[Update] BugDbg Pre-Alpha 2 Released

Fully quote from cyberbob

small update, Pre-alpha 2 released.
added Debug – “Step out” command
added new commands bpinstr, u
added different line highlight when jump is taken
improvments, bug fixes

He’s working very hard and effective.

And the link download is:
http://www.pespin.com/bugdbg.rar (DIRECT LINK)
Don’t forget to visit his site : PESPIN to find more interesting stuffs.

Enjoys and best regards,