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[Video] Unpacking using DnSpy

Hello mates,

This is a small video to show you the way that you can use dnSpy to unpack some simple packers/crypters by debugging and dumping.

The methodology is pretty simple, the packer encrypts the original file into a loader, then the loader will decrypts that file right on the memory, and invokes the main function. This technique is widely used in many many packers/crypters because it’s fast and easy to implement. So let’s see what we can do to unpack it in the modern way. In this video, i used MPRESS as a demonstration packer

Enjoy and best regards,



[Video] Manual Unpacking Confuser 1.9

Hello mates,

This is a short video i made for a (not so) long time before, but not published (yet). And now i decided to public it for people who want to learn about unpacking Confuser 1.9. I’m not the author of this method, just follow an article made by 0xd4d, so all credits go to him. So feel free to watch and enjoy this video.

A short description about the method used:

– Load file using WinDbg

– Determine which .NET version which is used by target, load the correct SoS extension along side with CLR/MSCORWKS.

– Set breakpoint and run until target file is unpacked/decrypted, and all methods are restored (anti-tamper protection) in memory.

– Dump the memory region

– Use de4dot to clean file

– Patch 3 method (anti-tamper, anti debug, anti-dump) to prevent crash, use CFF + SAE.

– Done


Enjoy and best regards,


[Linux Reversing] Linux Patching helper demostration video

Hello all mates,

I’m currently working on a small project named Linux Patching Helper , created in Pascal/Lazarus using qt, which aims to apply the method i used to crack some sommercial Linux applications (you cand find my RAR patching tutorial here). This tool is based on objdump, and it will dump data + code and then start tracing the code. Still on development and here is a demostration video to show how it works.

The target in this video is a download manager for Linux (comparible to IDM in windows) named FlareGet, but only for testing purposes, therefore cracked version will not be released:

Hope that i can release it soon, because there are some issues with memory management, the tool takes high memory consumption while executing, and i’m trying to fix. But don’t expect too much, because it’s only my hobby, only for fun 🙂




Silence’s Collected Serial-Fishing tutorials

Hello all mates,
This is another package of my friends – also a REPT’s member – Silence.
There are many serial- fishing tutorial in this package.
See this pic:
Silence serialfishing
And here is the link to download all the package (3 parts with total size is 526.3MB)


Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/63m14mp5snsy5rz/Collected.Patching_Tutorials.part1.rar

Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/opxyq5fn3lasi1f/Collected.Patching_Tutorials.part2.rar

Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1deup9u0jp73190/Collected.Patching_Tutorials.part3.rar


And if you prefer, let’s visit us at : http://team-rept.com

Silence’s Collected Patching Tutorials

Hello all mates,
Today i would like to introduce to you – my dear visitors – a great package of patching tutorial created by my Teammate, Silence.
Just look at this picture:
silence patching tour
All tutorial are included in that package. He made the big goal, this release is really great! 😀
Download links fixed (Thanks for JJHACKER):

Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u48g2nnp878yukd/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part1.rar

Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m8ix93k8etsqye5/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part2.rar

Part3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iwuq447n6wikxvi/Collected.Patching%20Tutorials.part3.rar

Enjoys and best regards

[.NET] Tutorial Keygenning Pr0c3ss’s Keygenme#5

Hello all mates,
This is my new tutorial about .NET Keygenning. Hope you will like it.
Target: Pr0c3ss’s Keygenme#5
Level: 1-2 out of 10
Packer/Protector: N/A
Algorithm: MD5 + Custom
Method: Keygenning

Here’s download link( tutorial in swf + target):
or you can watch this tutorial online by clicking the link below:
Enjoys and best regards,

[.NET] Tutorial Keygenning LordCoder’s Keygenme

Hello all mates,
Now we’re in 2013:). I would like to say happy new year to you, and your family.
This is a small tutorial to show you how to keygen a .NET Target coded in vb.net, as a gift for this new year.
Target: LordCoder’s Keygenme
Language: VB.NET
Protector: .NET Reactor
Algo: Rijndael, MD5, Base64 + Custom
Method: Keygenning
Level : Easy/normal
All credits goes to LordCoder = Author of this nice challenge.
Link download (video tutorial in swf + Target):

Or you can watch it Online here:

happy new year 2013
Enjoys and Happy new year!!!