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[Just for relax] Gee – Girls’ Generation

Hello all visitors,

Today, SeoHyun’s birthday, i would like to introduce to you a great song from Girls’ Generation, it’s named “Gee”, with funny melody and sweet vocals from our beautiful girls :).
Just hear and feel, close you eyes, and listen to music by whole you heart.
And i found a chiptune version of this song, created by a kind guy. Maybe some one want to insert it into their release? No one know 😀

Now, i will not waste you time.

Here is the link to their official music video(official youtube channel too :)):


and here is the chiptune version which i told you before:

Ok, now the time for you to feel the heat 🙂

Enjoy and best regards,



Happy birthday to SeoHyun (SNSD)

Today is birthday of one member of my favorite music band. She is SeoHyun in Girls’ Generation.
She was born at June 28 1991. Today she become 22 years old.

With a beautiful face and angel’s heart, she really, really wonderful with her voice also.
Today, i can’t make some poem, can’t sing a song for her, but i can write some kind words.
I wish that she will has a happy birthday, and always have power to working, and singing with other members in Girls’ Generation, always beautiful, always happiness.
Girls’ Generation always the best group in my heart, and also in more than 300.000 SONE’s Heart.

Seangil-Chugha habnida, Seo Hyun-ah!!!
Wish you all the best,

Greets from Levis(Now I’m a SONE(SoWon), not a reverser 🙂SEOPICSIGN