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[.NET] Create a NFO Viewer in C#

Just a small piece in programming world :). I feel that it’s very exciting.

The tutorial written by DarkTyranno. will show you the way to create a nfo viewer with many effects (region-window, scrolling text, music, etc…).
This tutorial i grabbed at CodeProject, so you can see it by this link:



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IDR Interactive Delphi Reconstructor 2.5.3 beta Download

My friend, NewHitman Shared a useful tool to disassembly Delphi files:

IDR (Interactive Delphi Reconstructor) – decompiler of executable files (EXE) and dynamic libraries (DLL), written in Delphi and executed in Windows32 environment.

IDR allows you to reconstruct any delphi written application and view lot of things such as units ,types , forms and guide you to the start of each event routine by following its address , but the good stuff in this tool is that it can generate for you a map file that can be used with debuggers such as Olly ,so it will make your reversing better .
IDR comes with a lot of packages to be able to decompile Exes written in Delphi 2,3,4,5,6,7,2005;2006,2007,2009,2010.


Demo picture:

Total size : 432 mb
Packed size : 55mb
Download Link :

Thanks to NewHitman for uploading and introducing it.

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