Deobfuscating Javascript Malware


I just received a javascript sample, from one of my friends. He said that this sample was sent by an malicious email address. and seem that the bad actors are trying to trick people to click on the file.

THen i quickly open up the file in a text editor, and relized that the file is strongly obfuscated, that can not be read normally. So, to figure out what exactly behind it, i have to deobfuscate javascript. Then the journey begins.

The code: ( i can’t post the code here because it’s too long
Meh, >5000 lines of code, and mostly are seem nonsense. But, i noticed on the top of the code:

function f(s) {return eval(s);};

It uses eval() to execute a variable s. And at the very last of the file, i saw:

if (c["length"] >= 12) f(c);

It calls f with c as the input. And from the line 5664 to 5670, i got:

b = aj85dZA;
b = b"join";
b = b"split";
b = b"join";
b = b"split";
c = b"reverse";
c = c"join";

It takes all the data of the huge chunk above and do some tasks. I’m to lazy in this phase to rewrite the code, so i use Chrome, with a little trick, change:

function f(s) {return eval(s);};

function f(s) {return document.write(s);};
So when we execute the code, it will prints out the value of s, rather than execute it. So we can get another piece of code for the next phase. Fire up Chrome -> F12 -> Paste the modified code -> Enter, and:

Pretty easy, eh? Phase 1 completed. But still, the code is obfuscated. We got more, but seem to be really ugly since it is unstructured. I use Jsbeautifier to clean up and restructure it, for a better view. In a second, we have:

Full code is at: (sorry, because i don’t want to make this post to be very long)

From there, why can’t i use Chrome to evaluate the code? Simply i don’t have any idea about the code, so better not run it, because it’s too complicated to set a breakpoint or trace down. So, what did i do?

In the very beginning of the code, i see a lot of variables which are strings. Seem that they’re originally a word, but now that word is splitted into pieces, each one is stored in a dedicated variable, and the variable’s name is randomized. So, i started to think that, i need to reformat all the name of those variables.

The scheme is simple, rename the variable name, according to its value. Just need a text editor, anyone that can perform search and replace, and replace them all in whole document. In this case, i choose sublime, and it consumes a lot of time to finish the task, because i have to do a lot of steps with mouse, not the hotkey. I believe that some other editors that can do better.

Start the boring task
Start the boring task

After a while, 20-30 mins, maybe, i replace all the name of variables which store readable strings. Phew, i can believe that i have done a most-boring-task-ever. Then i quickly scroll down in the file, i got a diamond:


So, what can you see in there? Yeah, i think that you saw some interesting things here. We have some sensitive data hare. I did the magic with just “Search and Replace”. Now the next job is combine them together and make it rocks. Delete the plus (“+”) sign, or better rewrite the code based on what you actually saw, now everything is clearly, even a kid can do that, like a tetris game.

The obfuscation scheme is:

  • Split sensitive strings into pieces, and then obfuscate the name.
  • Use many junk code to make it harder to read. You can read the code that it makes some function that only return the input “as it”.
  • Use Object[“MethodName”]() instead of the traditional object.methodName(). So it’s really hard to keep up with.

Next to it, i got:

Maliciouse URLs
Maliciouse URLs

Now we have the malicious URLs. There are 3, from the first time i saw them, they’re still active, but in this time, they removed the file from the server (just 3 days ago). Anybody interested, just do a whois.

List of malicious URLS:


The fully cleaned the code i posted to gist. I built it truely from the obfuscated code. Now it’s fully readable. Mission accomplished. Nothing special, just “Search and replace”, and then tidy up the code.

From the code, I can know that it create some WScript objects, connects to the server and download file to %TEMP%, with the name 0ttyR4ET9BxiI.exe. This file is encrypted, the decryption code is right below of the main function. I decrypted it and uploaded to virustotal, in Jul 12, only 17 AV Detected, but to Jul 13, the number is 31 (link). It’s a ransomware (a new variant?). I want to post about analysis result here, but, seem to be enough, maybe in the next post, we will dissect it and make the fun.

Any request for the decrypted malware, feel free to mail me (Posting it right here is not a good idea).

Enjoy and stay safe,




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