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R4ndom’s Beginning Reverse Engineering Tutorials (Completed Package)

R4ndom’s Beginning Reverse Engineering Tutorials – the complete collection all in one handy archive!

Here is a set of tutorials made by R4ndom and some other cool guys (http://thelegendofrandom.com/), very detailed and well write-up, suitable for newbies also professionals.

This packages contains:
Tutorial #1 – What is reverse engineering?
Tutorial #2 – Introducing OllyDBG
Tutorial #3 – Using OllyDBG, Part 1
Tutorial #4 – Using OllyDBG, Part 2
Tutorial #5 – Our First (Sort Of) Crack
Tutorial #6 – Our First (True) Crack
Tutorial #7 – More Crackmes
Tutorial #8 – Frame Of Reference
Tutorial #9 – No Strings Attached
Tutorial #10 – The Levels of Patching
Tutorial #11 – Breaking In Our Noob Skills
Tutorial #12 – A Tougher NOOBy Example
Tutorial #13 – Cracking a Real Program
Tutorial #14 – How to remove nag screens
Tutorial #15 – Using the Call Stack.
Tutorial #16A – Dealing with Windows Messages.
Tutorial #16B – Self Modifying Code.
Tutorial #16C – Bruteforcing.
Tutorial #17 – Working with Delphi Binaries.
Tutorial #18 – Time Trials and Hardware Breakpoints.
Tutorial #19 – Creating patchers.
Tutorial #20A – Dealing with Visual Basic Binaries, Part 1.
Tutorial #20B – Dealing with Visual Basic Binaries, Part 2.
Tutorial #21 – Anti-Debugging Techniques.
Tutorial #22 – Code Caves and PE Sections.
Tutorial #23 – TLS Callbacks.

Modifying Binaries For Fun And Profit

Adding a Splash Screen – Creating a code cave to show a custom splash on an application
Adding a Menu Item – Adding a menu item to an existing binary.
Making a Window Non-Closeable – Making a Window Non-Closeable.
The Never Ending Program – Opening message boxes every time a user tries to close a program.
DLL Injection 1 – Adding an opening message box through DLL injection.
DLL Injection 2 – Adding a splash bitmap through DLL injection.

R4ndom’s Guide to RadASM

Installing and setting up – Installing RadASM and configuring the environment.
Creating our first project – Creating our first project.
Adding an Icon and Menu – Adding an Icon and Menu.


The Reverse Engineer’s Toolkit – Tools every reverse engineer should know about.
Shrinking C++ Binaries – Shrinking binaries through Visual Studio.

Other Tutorials

Author Tutorial
XOR06 Cracking DriverFinder
nwokiller Unpacking PELock v1.06
XOR06 Bypassing a keyfile
XOR06 Bypassing a Serial and server Check
XOR06 Bypassing a Serial in a Delphi Binary
XOR06 Finding a serial using bitmaps.
XOR06 Easy unpacking.
XOR06 Where and How to pacth a serial routine.
XOR06 Patching a server check, 30 day time trial, and a nag.
XOR06 Serialfishing a correct serial.
XOR06 Another way of finding the patch.
XOR06 Why it’s so important to search for pointers.
XOR06 .NET Crackme with tutorial
XOR06 .NET Crackme (no tutorial)


Download link:

Download Mediafire link


All credits go to its author.

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My OllyDbg Package

Here is a package of Olly Debugger which I’m using.
Full Configured, and contains some plugins, with color scheme based on my favorite scheme.
I also attached WIN32.HLP to help you get closer with Windows API when you reversing with Olly, or any other Disassembler
A Demo picture here:
Feel free to download it via this link:
Download Link (UPPIT)

You can use 7-zip to extract this archive.
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