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[Article] Assembly Programming with Visual Studio 2010/2012

Here is a new article which i think it’s really helpful for programmer who want to use Assembly language in VS.

Written by:  Palavos at http://www.codeproject.com/

The full article can be found here:

CodeProject – Assembly Programming with Visual Studio 2010/2012

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[UPDATE] – WinASM Studio (Only update file, not full)

Today i checked for the update of WinAsm Studio, and i saw this package: version is out!!
Don’t know when they updated it, but just download the archive with link below, then extract it to WinASM folder, overwrite existing files (or folders), and enjoy the newest version of WinASM.
Don’t forget to join the WinASM’s Community at http://winasm.net to get the newest information.

Link download:

You also can download the WinASM Full package here, then update it to
Download WinASM Studio v Full in My Blog

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