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[SITE RIP] DelphiZeus’s tutorials about API Programming with Delphi

Hello all mates,

I know this site :

has many good tutorial about Delphi Programming with API.
So i decided to rip all the site and save them as PDF files, which easier to download and store them in our drive.
In my opinion, all tutorials are very good and well explained, very useful for Delphi coders.

Contents Index:

1. – Creating a .dpr program
Explains using only the Program (.dpr) unit to create an application
1a. – Reading the C code in Win32 API Help
Tips for Pascal coders to help read the Microsoft C-Code in the API Help.
2. – Making a API window and message loop program
Shows how to create a Windows GUI program with windows and a message loop
3. – More Messages and Changing Windows Properties
Explores changing the message parameters, and a window’s properties.
3a. – SmallUtils Unit an Alternative to SysUtil
A utilities unit so you don’t have to use SysUtils and add 20 Kb to your program
4. – PChar, it’s a Pointer
Gives some examples for using the PChar in API parameters
5. – Fonts and using HDC
Explains some basic graphical concepts, the Device Context and Font creation
6. – Brushes and Pens, with intro to timers
More examples of DC Drawing functions with Brushes and Pens and a Timer
7. – Buttons and Edit Controls
Shows how to use options and subclassing to get Buttons and Edits to do more
8. – Using Dialogs
Instructions for creating REAL dialogs in delphi, using the DIALOG resource creation
9. – Non-Modal Dialogs and Scroll Bars
Outlines the creation of Non-Modal Dialogs and shows how to use Scroll Bars.
10. – Menus and Listboxes
Gives information about creating and using Menus and Listboxes
11. – Code In Units, Combo Boxes
A program that divides the code into Units, and uses Combo Boxes.
12. – Programs with XP Themes
How to have your programs use the XP Theme Control Drawing.
13. – MakeApp a Universal Unit
The MakeApp.pas is a Reusable Code Unit, that can be used in many programs.
13a. – Example code for MakeApp Unit
Code Examples for the MakeApp Unit and do Drag and Drop with DragAcceptFiles.
13b. – A Visual “Graphic” Control Unit
The GrafCtrl.pas Unit has code for making Non-Windowed “image only” controls.
13c. – Example code for GrafCtrl Unit
converted by Web2PDFConvert.com Code Examples for the GrafCtrl Unit using the G Controls.
14. – Using System Open and Save Dialogs
How to create and use the standard system Open and Save Dialog Boxs.
15. – Reading and Writing Disk Files
How to Create and Access Files on Disk to Read and Write File Data.
15a. – Program Code for Using Files
Code for the UseFiles Program, to show methods to use Disk Files.
16. – More Top Level “PopUp” Windows
How to create and use Pop-Up windows, methods for docking and animation.
16A. – A Unit for Modal Message Windows
Methods to have pop-up Modal Windows that block code progression.
17. – Tray Icons in your Program
A program that places a Tray Icon in the task bar’s status area.
18. – a Text Editing Program (like Notepad)
A compleate text editing program like Notepad, with Registry data and printing
19. – A Note Posting Program with List Box
A program that displays a yellow Post Note and shows how to use List Boxes
20. – Using MuliMedia and Thread Timers
An Animation program that displays text scrolling and a moving ball
The next pages are for things not directly related to API programming instruction.
21. – A Delphi Unit used to save Icons to file
Has functions to save Icon files in 256 and Full Color Formats
22. – Builing Custom Files with TFileStream
Tells you how to create files with TFileStream that contain several different Data segments
23. – Creating HTML Dialog Boxes
Shows you how to produce an IE Browser Window Dialog Box.
23. – Web Links to Delphi Sites

All credits go to site’s author : Wes Turner.
Download link:




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Use Region Data to make Non-Rectangular Dialog in Delphi API [Only Source code]

Hello All mates,

I created this noob example today, to show you the way to use RGN data and bitmap to make Non-Rectangular Dialog in Delphi API.
Not enough time to make a full tutorial about it, so just download source code and see and forgive me about any inconveniences.

Link download: (Full source code + Sample Binary):


Enjoy programming and best regards,