Keygen for NB_RCE Keygenme#2 (source code included)

Hello all mates,

This is my keygen for NB_RCE’s Keygenme#2. Too lazy to make a tutorial about it, just look into my code(Delphi) included in the archive, you will understand the algorithm.
Name : NB_RCE Keygenme#2
Language : Borland Delphi
Packer: N/A
Protection: MD5(modified init vectors) + Custom algorithm
Solution: Keygen (Delphi source included).
Made by : Levis/REPT
This keygenme has a very interesting algorithm(in my opinion). And you need to trace carefully, to make a valid keygen for it. However, it’s easy enough for you to give it a try.
Thank NB_RCE for sharing this keygenme.
Link download (Keygen + Keygenme + Keygen source code):
Enjoy and best regards,

8 thoughts on “Keygen for NB_RCE Keygenme#2 (source code included)

  1. Hi Levis
    Make me a video on how to make use delphi keygen, because I have not been able to make kaygen compile the program with delphi

    thank you


      1. Oh, I don’t think that practice with commercial applications is the right way.
        There are many crackmes coded in delphi on the internet. Try with them is better than breaking license of sharewares
        I made some tutorials about keygenning in delphi for some crackmes (coded in Delpho also) and posted them in my blog. You can find it and read


  2. you can try this keygenme :

    For example keygenme in this your post :
    Keygen for NB_RCE Keygenme#2 (source code included)

    Please make me tutorial make keygen because I do not know how convert language Assembler to language Delphi. Thanks Levis


    1. Oh yes, i will make tutorial about this one. intended to make a tutorial long time ago, but due to some stupid reasons, so I not made tutorial yet.
      While i making tutorial, you can grab my old tutorials about NB_RCE’s keygenme1, Vietcracker’s Keygen (both are posted in my blog).
      Enjoys and thank you for visiting me here


      1. Ok, thank you
        I look forward to the next your tutorial making keygen, especially the language of Delphi, C + + and C #


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